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What is Laser Skin Surfacing ?

Our Frax 1550 treatment utilizes advanced technology for improving skin texture, scars and stretch marks. If you are looking for a solution for keeping your skin appearance youthful, the Frax 1550 treatment might be right for you.

The Frax 1550nm Laser rejuvenates skin by delivering very small, very controlled bursts of heat energy only to the area being treated. This unique technology allows the pulse time and energy to be sent independently to deliver controlled heat at the appropriate width and depth to meet individual needs. The heat stimulates the production of collagen, which will resurface the skin over time. And because the laser is rolled across the skin, the treatment takes a short time, the surface of the skin is left intact, and healing and recovery are quick. This laser has a cooling agent.


The SoftCool skin cooler helps reduce treatment discomfort, and the use of anesthetic / numbing cream may be recommended. After this wears off, for a few hours you will feel as if you have slight sunburn.

With Frax 1550 treatment, you can:

  • Smooth textural irregularities.

  • Rejuvenate sun-damaged skin.

  • Improve skin texture.

  • Improve Acne scars.

  • Improve stretch marks.

Advanced technology enhances appearance?

  • Prior to your Frax 1550 procedure, you and your provider will meet to discuss your treatment goals. Generally, the treatment procedure itself takes from 15- 45 minutes, depending of the size of area to be treated. 

  • Typically, you will be offered a course of three treatments, but this will vary according to your needs. If you are darker-skin, provider may decide to offer a long course of gentler treatments. Pre-programmed settings for different skin types ensures a correct energy output for your complexion.

  • It is important to avoid tanning salons and self- tanning products before and during the treatments period, and it is recommended to reduce sun-exposure during this time and 30 days after treatment. You will get maximum results if you use quality moisturizing cream and other recommended products for your skin concerns before and after the treatment.

  • After treatment, you should avoid sun-exposure for 30 days and use Sun protection (Min SPF 30). And be sure to let your provider know if you prone to acne breakout or cold sores.

  • Talk your provider about what you can expect with your individual treatment.

What can you expect?

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