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 Recommendations & Precautions

You like only to do WAXING for your hair removal journey and If you are not ready for LASER HAIR REMOVAL or ELECTROLYSIS, we are here to work with your choice. Hair removal is performed with top of the line products for effective and smooth results. 

  • Please allow 2 weeks of hair growth before waxing appointment.

  • Use a scrub on body areas that will be waxed 2 days before treatment. This will help loosen trapped hairs.

  • If hairs haven't been waxed for months, or never waxed, you'll need to trim or shave hairs two weeks prior to the treatment, otherwise, it will cause more discomfort, take more time and be more costly.

  • To maintain waxing benefits it is recommended appointments are booked 4 weeks apart.

  • For sensitive skin, take ibuprofen/advil 45 minutes before appointment which will help with any discomfort.​

  • If you are taking any skin medications/creams that may thin your skin or make it more sensitive to sun, please let us know before the treatment because it can cause more of a reaction from waxing if not planned ahead. 

  • Retin-A/Retinol: Stop using at least two weeks prior to your waxing treatment.

  • Accutane: Stop use one year before any waxing treatments, even for body waxing.

  • Not recommend hair waxing for people that have diabetes, varicose veins or poor circulation as they may be more susceptible to infection.

  • People who take medications such as Renova, Differin/ Accutane are advised to stay away of waxing on the face as these medications tend to weaken/ thin the skin and may cause tearing of the skin as the wax is removed from the skin.

  • ​​We suggest and will not remove hair on top of warts, pimples, moles, rashes, sunburn, chapped skin or on irritated skin area for safety reasons.

$25      Brows

$15      Lip

$14      Chin

$25      Lip & Chin

$20      Sideburns

$40      Brows & Lip

$40      Full face (not brows)

$55      Full face with Brows

$55      Back 

$55      Chest

$20       Neck ( front or back )

$25       Shoulders

$25       Stomach 

$25      Upper Arms

$35      Lower Arms

$50      Full Arms

$50      Upper Legs

$45     Lower Legs

$85      Full Legs

$35     Basic Bikini

$45     Extended Bikini

$60     Brazillian Bikini

$25      Underarms

$10      Patch of hairs

$25       Hands

$25       Feet

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